Kingston Bridal Week Social

Kingston Bridal Week

Bridal Market 

The expo is most helpful, if you come prepared. You will be able to meet and ask questions from the industries leading wedding professionals and experts all in one space. You will want to gather information compare prices, services and register for prizes. Here are some tips that will help you get the most from your bridal show experience. 


  • Register before the show: When you register before the show, it identifies you as a bride making you eligible for prizes and special promotions. Reigister now click HERE

  • Purchase Presold Tickets: Purchase your event tickets through our online portal

  • Research the show ahead of time: Many vendors offer discounts on their services if you book them at the expo. Make sure you gather information from other vendors, but spend most of your time talking with the ones you researched.

  • Find out when are the fashion shows: KBW 2015 has two fashion shows, 2pm and 6pm. Both shows include different designers and bridal lines.

  • Bring a list of questions to ask: Don't just rush by booths that have services you still need. Don't just listen to sales pitches. Ask lots of questions. That's what the vendors are there for, they want to help you. Remember, you are under no pressure to buy from them so find out everything you need to know.

  • Listen to the vendors: If you find a product or service that you need and the rep is busy talking with someone else, stand close and listen. You may learn something valuable. Vendors love to spend time answering questions. 

  • Socialize: Start a conversation with people at their booths. Don't be shy. You will know right away if that vendor is someone you want to work with in planning your wedding day. 

  • KBW is Jamaica's biggest bridal Expo:  The expo starts at 12 noon. Come early. Don't rush. Plan to spend a minimum of 4 or 5 hours in order to see all the exhibits and at least one fashion show. Take your time. Make a day of it. See our past event Galleries HERE

  • Visit every booth: Even if the exhibitor offers something you're not interested in, you might decide in the future to include it. Take your time, and visit every exhibitor.  


  • Do your best to stay together: If you are the bride and your groom is somewhere else, it may be difficult to make a choice then and there about a specific service or product. Try to come as a couple.

  • Mother of the bride: If you are the mother of the bride and are gathering information for the bride and groom, make notes on business cards, brochures or flyers that you think might interest them the most. Bringing a small notebook and pen to make special notes is helpful.

  • Vendor information: If a vendor gives you information that you especially like and want to follow up with at a later date, put that information in a special bag, not with all the other stuff you may collect. Bring your own light-weight carrying bag. Some vendors will give you one, however, use your own bag to separate vendor information that is of special interest to you. Use the vendor bag for everything else.

  • Bring a red pen & a note book: Another helpful idea is to bring a red pen and mark that vendors information in a special way that will indicate your level of interest. You never know what tips or ideas you'll discover and want to write down. There's so much to see that by the time you get home, you may forget.

  • Bring your personal planner: Have your bridal shower, rehearsal, wedding and other important dates handy. It can be very useful when making an appointment or discussing booking information with a vendor. Ask about the exhibitor's availability if you are interested.

  • Prizes: Some vendors offer prize drawings.Bring address labels to save time in filling out registration forms. If you are computer savvy, make your own labels or business cards.

  • Complete information: It is helpful to include your name, the grooms name, your wedding date, phone numbers, email address and venue. This is very helpful to the vendor when you request additional information.

  • Identify yourself: Wear a bride or groom sticker to receive special attention from vendors.

  • Bring your wallet: In case you want to book any services or give a deposit to hold a date, remember your wallet. KBW will have convenient point-of-sale machines. If you are comfortable with the vendor, by all means, go for it. You will often find great discounts that are available only at the expo. 

  • Ask for referrals: If you see one of the vendors you have already hired at the expo, ask them for referrals to other reputable vendors. They may have worked with them at previous weddings and can make a valuable referral. 

  • Don't by shy: Don't be afraid to tell someone that you already have booked their service with another vendor. Take a minute and visit with them anyway. Who knows? You may pick up a tip or suggestion you or your vendor hadn't considered.

  • Socialize and relax: Enjoy the food, get a drink and socialize. Plan a rest break about every hou and take advantage of our food kiosks. Pick up free samples, magazines, sample menus, business cards, brochures, and catalogs to take with you and review them later in the privacy of your own home.

  • No stress! Wedding shows are not supposed to be stressful or overwhelming. There is so much to see and so many vendors. Taking your time to view each exhibit will help reduce the stress. Remember, wedding planning is preferably done over time, not in one day. It's one decision at a time.

  • Don't wait to book: Many of the exhibitors book up rather quickly on popular wedding dates, so don't wait too long after the show before you decide to call or utilize their services. Generally speaking, there is a rush of appointments and often their calendars fill up quickly.

  • Need an action plan: Remember, if you go in with a plan of action, you most likely will get most of your planning done in one afternoon or at least gather enough information to make an informed decision when reviewing the info at your leisure.

  • Be comfortable: Be sure to dress casual and wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking. 

  • Grooms take note! You may want to make arrangements for a foot massage for your future bride or arrange a spa visit when the day is through. KBW 2015 has great spa offers. Make sure to check them out.

  • Have a great time!