Some of Our Exhibitors Include


Events & Equipment


Event Planning& Execution

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Music &Entertainment 

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Hotel Venue & Events 



Event & Execution

Cake and Pastry


Bridal Dresses

Henna & Design

Scarfs & Headwear

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Venue and Events 


Cake and Pastry

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Hotel and Venue

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Food & Catering

Why Participate ?

Develop New Client Relationships: You’re not only showcasing to brides, but also to industry professionals who will hire you long after your brides are married. KBW is also a great way to re-establish existing relationships.


Increase Brand Awareness: The wedding industry is very competitive, and KBW attracts over 3000 patrons. It’s a quick and exciting way to get your brand out there. KBW 2019 anticipates approximately 3000 patrons during the weeklong activities.


Brand Association: Be associated with the best vendors and the best service providers in the industry.


Shared Bridal-Lead Info: All exhibitors & sponsors receive a detailed contact sheet for brides inclusive of their wedding dates, Budget and Services needed. 


Exhibitors: Partner with exhibitors, sponsors, build and strengthen corporate relationships.


Consumerism: KBW promotes sales and is certainly not your average show-&-tell expo. Over $1,800,000 in purchases were recorded at the KBW 2018 Bridal Market.


International Press: KBW attracts press from all over the world, such as The Huffington Post. See story HERE.


Post Promotion: KBW is the only Bridal show in Jamaica that continues to invest in promotion long after the event is over. KBW’s 1hr special goes into rotation on various television media for extended periods. In addition KBW Facebook promotion continues year round.